This page is dedicated to answering questions and addressing concerns expressed by Patients regarding MRI exams.

How do I prepare for my MRI?

Preparing for your MRI is simple. You can eat normally and take your prescribed medications the day of your exam. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your exam is scheduled and bring any related materials you may have such as medical reports or other exams you may have had.  Prior to your visit you can  fill out registration forms found on our site under the Patient Forms tab. Wear comfortable clothing and refrain from bringing any metal such as jewelry or cosmetic devices.

What happens during my scan?

A Technologist will help you get comfortably situated on a padded examination table. Depending on what area is being imaged you may be fitted with equipment to help stabilize the area. During the imaging process you will hear intermittent knocking sounds. This sound is normal and we will provide ear plugs or music to help you relax.

How long will my scan take?

Exam times vary by the body part that is being imaged. In general MRI’s can range from 20-­‐40 minutes. Our Technologist will inform you of the exact exam time when preparing you for the MRI.

When will I get my results?

Your referring physician will receive a report within 24-48 hours, however your physician may request results sooner.

Will my insurance cover my exam?

While we do work with most insurances, as with any medical procedure, we suggest that you contact your insurance company prior to scheduling your scan to clarify your benefits. Once you have become a patient at our office, our office staff will work with your insurance company to make sure your benefits are applied accordingly.