to a wealth of information about MRIs in general, and about our facilities here at Paramus Medical Imaging Services.  If anything you see or read on these pages prompts a question, we urge you to click here to send us your question.  We will respond promptly, in part because we feel once you have all the information available Paramus Medical Imaging Services will be your logical choice.  We look forward to hearing from you.

For Referring Physicians...

We welcome the opportunity to develop a relationship with all physicians in the area.  Much of this site is devoted to you, the medical professional.  Our goal is to provide you with the ability to have your patients benefit from the latest technology presented by facility managers with years of experience.  We provide physicians with top quality radiological interpretations based on images from the finest technology.  Lastly, we know the importance of a fast turnaround for reports and have invested in what it takes to be able to meet the need.

Click here to enter the Physician's area to learn about our Reports NOW program and the technology we use at our facility.  Other services we offer and the ways we make your patients comfortable are also discussed.

For the Patient...

Anyone interested should feel free to visit any part of our web site.  By clicking here though, you will go to a page dedicated to answering questions and addressing concerns expressed by first time patients at our facility.  We even have a video for kids to take the mystery out of the MRI process.  A very informative explanation of what MRI is and how it works is also available.

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